What’s the first step if I want to develop my block of land?

If you already have the Block of Land, the first step would be to give us a call to discuss the Development options available to you. As the Design is the most important aspect, its important to speak with a Designer as the first step in the process.

How much will it cost for plans to be drawn up?

Every Project is individually quoted based on how many hours are required for the design process. This allows a cost-effective means in designing each Project and allows flexibility in design changes throughout the process.

How long does the process take from start to finish?

Each Project will have a different timeframe dependant on the size and complexity of the Project. An average Approval process might take 4-6 months, then approx. 7-9 months to Build.

What’s the difference between Torrens title & Community title?

Torrens title blocks are typically street fronted with their own access to services (water, sewer, power) These are typically larger Detached, Semi-detached & Row Dwellings.

Community title blocks will have a shared space, typically a common Driveway. They will also share access to the stormwater & sewer which will reduce the cost when compared to Torrens title. These are typically Group and Residential Flat Dwellings.

Do you have consultants you can recommend throughout the process?

Yes, we work with many consultants which are required throughout the Development Process. We can recommend a number of Planners, Surveyors, Engineers also specialists in Traffic & Waste management specific to your Project’s needs.

What is Residential Code & how can it speed my approval?

The Residential code applies to Detached & Semi-detached Dwellings. This is a complying Development which can be signed off by a Private Certifier which bypasses the standard Council approval process. This cuts approval times down to 2 weeks in lieu of 4+ months.

Who owns the copyright on the plans?

We retain copyright ownership until all accounts are settled, then ownership can be transferred to Client’s name. This means you have the freedom & flexibility to shop around to as many Builders as you like.

Do you have professional builders you can recommend?

Yes, we work with a number of different Builders. We only recommend Builders who deliver a quality finish with good communication & are reasonably priced. That means each Project can be matched with a Builder who the Clients feel comfortable with & will meet their expectations of price.

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