Burton Development

“InProperty Design are the architects behind the design and layout of many of our projects. We work closely together to draw on the experience of all involved to produce a functional product of exceptional quality and character.
InProperty Design are a friendly, approachable company, focused soley on meeting customer requirements and expectations. We always appreciate the service we receive and the timeframe in which it is completed.
InProperty Design comes with our highest recommendation for a company that can truly deliver on all its services.”
Jasper Peterson, www.dpegroup.com.au
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Project Scope:
Design & Construct: 12x Single storey Dwellings – 3x Bed, 2x Bath, Single Garage
Community Title

Clovelly Park Development

Clovelly Park Development

Project Scope:
Design 1X Sinlge storey Hammerhead & Renovate Existing Dwelling
Community Title

“We couldn’t be happier with the smooth running of our land subdivision to date, thanks mostly to InProperty Design, in particular David Thompson.
With his help, we’ve managed to turn what to us was an in depth, off-putting challenge into a relatively simple & painless experience. David has assisted with all components in the process from initial consultation, block & house design, council & assistance with other industry contacts required to make it all come together.
His genuine interest & enthusiasm demonstrated by him treating our project as his own is why we have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone considering property development.”
Matt & Belinda, Clovelly Park

Fulham Development

“David Thompson was fantastic with the custom design of our property which looks great and provides for flexible living. I would highly recommend him, very responsive, friendly and importantly treated our design as if it is was own.”
Ryan Watson, Fulham

Project Scope:
Design & Construct: 1x Double storey Dwellings – 3x Bed + Study, 2.5x Bath, 3x Living areas, Double Garage
Torrens Title